Zewar World


Zewar was established in 1939 by parent company Valchandson Jewellers. Our journey started from a small store in Zaveri Bazaar, with great strides and accolades we moved the jewellery store in the jewellery capital of Mumbai. Our showroom resides on the quaint lane of Bandra Hill Road, Mumbai. Gold used to be a sole product we used to offer with successful strides and magnanimous efforts we have increased our portfolio to imported and traditional diamonds, Polki, Gemstones, etc Thoroughly rooted in Indian tradition with a legacy of over 81 years, we're delighting our customers with our traditional, creative, and inspiring designs that exude elegance. We sincerely believe that customer is the king or queen, and hence we believe in giving our clients what they desire, never compromising on our core values of excellence.



Diving deep into understanding the trends and fashion of multifarious festivals and grand occasions, we have our learned scholar Mr. Ajoey Jain, the owner, the maestro, and the creative designer director, he and his team has sustained the pride of Zewar with celestial designs. Mr. Ajoey Jain and his designing team always conform to the expectations of the customers. Our incomparable jewellery is for various festive and special occasions. Experience the stunning line of bridal jewellery, cocktail jewellery, and jewellery for various occasions. Zewar's jewellery designs are a blend of elegance and sparkling opulence. The designing team understands the mindset of the bride, taking into consideration the decor and the outfits and gives a design that will light up the wedding. Our experience and expertise reflected in our intricate designs and sets for that special occasion.


All of our collections are exquisitely curated by our craftsmen who have an eye for aesthetic, unparalleled art. Like our craftsmen or artisans, our designs are distinguished in quality. All the designs are executed with the utmost attention to detail by our workmanship. They achieve perfection in intricate and interlaced work and we take pride in the work our craftsmen do.

Our Store

We value our customers who appreciate and trust our authenticity. Our customers' gratification is our utmost priority. Our sales staff have the expertise to guide you and show you the right design and set for various occasions. We have our showroom in the quaint lane of Bandra Hill Road, Mumbai. Our brand has been a trendsetter for every new generation since 1939.